Tree & Earth Creams

Tree & Earth products are pure, organic and 100% plant based skin and-hair care products made by blending the highest quality raw botanical ingredients gently together under low (cold processed) temperatures to formulate exquisite, nourishing creams, balms and oil blends for the face,

body and hair.

All Tree & Earth’s blended formulations are registered with the Vegan Trademark and the vast majority of the raw ingredients are either certified organic or sustainably wildharvested.

I believe that the best and most effective and healthy skincare is made from 100% pure, natural and cruelty free ingredients only which is why all Tree & Earth products are completely free from harsh chemicals, parabens, palm oil, GMO ingredients and other cheap dubious fillers of any kind. 

…Each and every product from Tree & Earth is simply pure, raw healthy indulgence for your skin and hair.