Maria Fynsk Norup Creative Studio

Maria is an autodidact photographer and artist, who in 2015 eloped from Copenhagen to the tiny island of Ærø with her family to experience life at a slower pace.

Maria’s work ranges from brand photography, portrait and conceptual photos, to nature and lifestyle shoots.

Her style of photography is highly aestethic, reflecting a sense of quiet and presence, and channelling the mood of her surroundings.

In 2017 Maria launched her first fine art print collection ‘Island Moods – a collection of images that reflects the mood and beauty of the everyday’. The prints are available in a limited edition at her webshop (, as well as at select interior shops.
For Maria, the move to rural Ærø has been very much about finding and experiencing the quiet and “zen-moments” just outside the door (and sometimes inside oneself) – and the overwhelming reaction from buyers is, that this is exactly what they feel too, looking at the photos.

Get to know Maria’s aestethics through her social media channels, particularly Instagram (@mafyno) where she regularly shares photos with her 27k+ followers from her island life, as well as new work and photo art.