Cut n Burn Clothing.
Prototype Range.
You know when you find a place, a private, beautiful place that no one knows about. Like when you find a band, discover them yourself. No one knows, and you hum, and the crowd is a question.
Time passes and you go back to the place, your secret, and there’s a wall of people.
You hum your tune, and the world whistles.
The only thing you have on them are the pictures of you in the place before they knew it. Is the special edition album you got before they heard it.
That’s what our Prototype range is all about. It is not an experiment, it’s an invitation to be somewhere, something, before everyone else joins the crowd.
We invite you to be a part from the start. Rather than being out of season, next year the Prototype range will be craved. In fact, by buying a Cut n Burn Prototype you are not just buying a proper nice item of clothing, you’re buying an investment.
Well, that’s the plan.
Of course we need a bit of your help. So, click off to our range below, buy a top or two, safe in the knowledge that next season will be Year 1’s range, and you’ll be wearing ‘Cut n Burn’ before the whisper is a shout.

Prototype. Be a part from the start.